Our exclusive, our processing process

Double processing with cold finishing: the exclusive production process conceived by us – at Necon Pet Food – enables us to constantly monitor the production development of the product due to the constant presence of our operators along the entire production cycle.

We have learnt to selectively process the ingredients by subjecting them to diversifi ed heat and production treatments: Starch and carbohydrates are transformed at temperatures aimed at optimising the gelatinisation and digestion of starch. Proteins and fats are processed at a lower temperature so as to avoid damaging of reducing the bioavailability of the nutrients that would occur upon cooking at high temperatures.



Our raw materials

Top quality ingredients capable of fully meeting the nutritional needs.

  • Beetroot Pulps

    Source of Fibers

    Source of functional fibre for the intestinal motility and the support and well-being of gut flora.
  • Proteins and Salmon oil

    Fatty acids Omega 3

    Sources of omega 3 fatty acid easy to digest, essential for skin and coat health
  • Swine proteins

    Essential aminoacids

    Source of essential aminoacids useful for tissues growth and regeneration.
  • Rice


    Source of ready-to use energy, rice is suitable for No Gluten diet
  • Pumpkin Seeds flour

    Vitamins, Minerals, fatty acids Omega 6

    The Pumpkin seed four is a relevant source of B group vitamins, highly available minerals (Iron, Copper, zinc) and fatty acid Omega 6 (mainly linoleic acid).
  • Carob flour

    Calcium, Iron and Fibers

    Carob flour is naturally rich in calcium and iron and contains dietary fiber useful for intestinal function.
  • Broad beans and peas

    Proteins with a high biological value

    Broad beans and peas flour are excellent alternative to cereals, potatoes and tapioca because they are sources of high nutritional value proteins and contains a low amount of sugars and starch.

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